warhola - b picedit
warhola - b picedit

The past 5 years of my life were spent behind a Public Relations desk at Yves Saint Laurent. As you would assume those years were filled with all things PR (read: venti soy lattes, WorldNet, stressful mornings during Vogue run throughs, missing belts, all things Paris, Trib Too's, Trib Two's, laughs, tears, early mornings, late nights, champagne, macaroons, blackberries, iPhone's, chargers, messengers, sample sales, sample sizes, lists, the adjective: chic, online shopping, celiac's, interns, vodka soda's, +1's, juicing and some seriously major shoes).

My experience at YSL was nothing short of amazing, but one day, not too long after my clothing allowance had run out, I had had enough. I wanted to take a stand... like literally. I wanted to stand up and go to my trainer because I was seriously determined to have the best glutes of my life and live in the shortest jean shorts ever by spring and I wanted to talk about it. I mean we should all have the time and the chance to have amazing glutes.

Naturally, as a fashion publicist who quits their job you have two choices you 1) call every editor you know and beg, plead and steal for an upgrade or 2) start a blog. So there I was. Just me and my MacBook Air and we had a choice. LinkedIn or the short, shorts.

Welcome to AndIwaslike.com A site that discusses all things that girls discuss.