Three, very weird, beauty products I can't live without

1. Full lips enhancer. You could probably never imagine the amount value that this little piece of plastic brings into my life. I came across it on Instagram and while it appears to be the biggest scam of all time, I swear it's actually so legit. Sure, you have to put in a little practice time to figure out what the hell is going on and the size you like (medium oval works best for me) and yes, I did bruise once, but it's a small price to pay (along with $20) for a seriously plump pout. Now that I have my little system down it takes me minutes to use and for lasts hours, usually the entire night. It's this, injections, or thin lips ladies... choose wisely!


2. Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Shimmer Powder. Ok, so this looks like something that would have been on your Christmas list in high school, but I swear this thing is a lifesaver! For instance, flashback to a few weeks ago when I was in Nashville and for some reason packed an entire suitcase of cropped tops, during that time of the month, and was literally paler than Lena Dunham at her palest. Well, we all know when you can't tone it, you tan it, and in three minutes or less (thanks to the body sized brush) I looked as though I had been kissed by a golden, glowing skin fairy. It can get on your clothes a bit, so watch yourself when wearing white, but other than that be prepared to be saving a lot of time and money on sprays and lotions. It's basically the lazy man's tan towel and I can't live without it.


3. Lightstim. Unlike the instant, fairly cheap thrills above, Lightstim comes with a bigger time commitment and price tag... but if you, like me, suffer from Gerascophobia: the fear of growing old (haha, not really... but actually... kinda) get involved. I have been a long time believer in the benefits of LED lights as my friends at Dangene have been throwing me under them for years. "Light therapy compliments skin treatments by working on the skin from the inside out. The red light energizes cells to produce collagen" (The blue Lightstim kills bacteria which causes acne). Anyway, every night I lay in bed with my red laser like it was my boyfriend and it lights up my room like a rave. I hold it gently at each spot for three minutes and it beeps when it's time to move it to the next spot. I've been at it for six weeks and my skin texture has improved and my pores are definitely smaller. Not to be boring, but in clinical studies 100% of particpants showed results in their wrinkles in just 8 weeks... uhm. yeah. 100%. Plus, it comes with a 90 day money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose other than a few fine lines? 


Please leave comments below, I am dying to hear everyone else's weird beauty secrets! xxb

Photos by Allie Beckwith // Shot at Row NYC // Tank by Free People