Well, the last time we spoke I was rehashing my break up turmoil over ice cream and Pinot Nior. Since then I have downloaded Hinge, deleted Hinge, and re-downloaded Hinge. I started writing in a journal opposed to this public forum to spare you and everyone involved (although that little book holds a wealth of knowledge and probably should be published in an effort to spare a few hearts)!

Anyway, in the time since my big breakup I have “dated” 2 guys, one being my ex and another that regardless of the time we spent together, he never considered me his girlfriend. The three years following my break up seemed like an endless cycle of super tough moments. Lots of weekends alone, guy #2 would always hang out with me Monday- Thursday and then ghost me until his “Sunday Blues” kicked in. That’s all for another post, but after lots of church, pizza, a full book of journal entires and a million romcoms later. Here I am! A changed woman! Over the hump of a heart breaking relationship and feeling comfortable in my own skin (finally), soft and sweet and silly. I am confident in saying that I wouldn’t have become this person if it weren’t for those years. It’s like they say, “you don’t know how strong you are until strong is all you’ve got”.

This year I’m happy to report that the queen of crying about boys on Instagram Stories has a Valentine! THERE is hope girls! Hang in there, stay strong in your conviction, work on your heart and putting others first AND NEVER EVER settle! (HAhahahh now, i’m acting like a dating expert when truly I am much more of a pro at that single life)! But even though I may not have a ring, I do have a cute date and a sparkly dress from Express and what else could a girl ask for?! (Details: This Day I have partnered with Express! my dress is from the Olivia Cuplo x Express Collection. It’s super seventies and the bell sleeves are perfect. And how cute are these earrings?! Both super on trend and perfect for Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day. My advice: is appreciate however you are celebrating and the season of life that you are in (because seasons change!!) oh and to and to wear cute clothes all the way through your journey! Check out my Express selects below and get yourself something cute. Use my code: 7418 in store or online for $25 Off $100+ purchases in-store or online!

P.S.- What is your relationship status? A few of you wrote me that your status has changed along with mine! What are your Valentine’s Day Plans AND MOST IMPORTANTLY what are you wearing?!!! Write me back i’ve missed you. xoxoxo B


Also found some cute every day pieces at Express and couldn’t resist posting them. xx