so I embellish a bit

bridget helene bahl

Face it, we would all wear ONLY Balmain and Chanel if we could... and what are both of those brands famous for? Embellished jackets. Tweed, sequin, fur, brocade, velvet. I don't even care what the fabrication is, as long as the shape works, an embellished jacket is all you need to take yourself from hot mess to superstar. So lets say you were out way too late, rolled out bed 30 minutes before you needed to be at work, feeling guilty and far from your cutest. This is where your jacket will save you. Throw it on over an oversized tank, add your fav leather shorts, some sort of flats situation, hair goes up in a pony and honestly you will probably show up looking cooler than anyone else. The key here is to know about this outfit in advance, because lets face it, we aren't always the brightest the morning after 4 vodka sodas.


Or say you are what I like to call "3 days in" which is when you are wearing a baggy tee and jeans that are supposed to be skin-tight (but you have been wearing them for 5 days straight and they are dirty as hell...but insanely, perfectly "cool" looking right now). Your hair is on the third day of its blow out (and you FINALLY look like an Olsen and no longer a Kardashian). We all know this time... it's like everything has finally come together, the epitome of being "perfectly unkept". Nothing takes this look to the next level like a jacket.


Embellished jackets are always changing, but you will be able to wear a cool one (go for black, navy or neutrals) for a couple of seasons. Especially if you can get a designer one, those actually become cooler with time. See some that I love in high and low price points in the gallery below.  kiss b


& low:

Photos by: Abby Warhola