suns out, buns out

suns out, buns out rio de janeiro

and best bootie goes to..... EVERY SINGLE BRAZILIAN GIRL! In particularly Izabel Goulart (for inspiration purposes).

I have never been so inspired to LIVE in a squat position until my recent trip to Rio! I would literally do ANYTHING to achieve that gravity defying bumm height that every girl in Rio acts like is no big deal.

So, here is the thing... changing the size and shape of your bumm is possible if you are willing to put in the time. I think it was about two Victoria's Secret Show's ago when I fell hard-core for Izabel Gourlat. Even though she is one of the skinniest models to walk the show, she still (in my opinion) has the best (and possibly perkiest) bootie of them all. I remember envisioning her bootie during the "seat" section in my Physique 57 classes (try it here for $5) and when I went regularly, my bumm did rise.

When I first started working out with trainer Will Torres, we discussed my goals and I told him I wanted a bigger butt and a smaller "everything else". I quickly learned that in order to plump your toosh you need to work both your fast and slow twitch muscles. Before going to a trainer, I mainly focused on my slow-twich muscles by running, spinning (think endurance exercises), but if you wanna be bootilicous, you also need to tap into those fast-twitch muscles, which come alive during strength training (think squats, lunges, heavy weight/ low rep situations).

Going to Brazil has left me totally obsessed with my back side. So much so that I stalked the Brazilian Super Models and found Alessandra Ambrosio's obsession Brazil Butt Lift and ordered it immediately. "The program works the three major muscles of your butt: the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus, working them from multiple angles to lift, firm, and shape your behind — all without adding bulk to thighs. Hallelujah to that!" Has anyone tried this? What do you do to lift and shape your bootie?

Ahhh Rio. Peace out and thank you for bringing sexy back!


And now.. Izabel. I cannot believe I put pics of myself alongside this chick!

Izabel Goulart by Eduardo Rezende (Sexy On The Beach - Elle Brazil October 2012) 3
Izabel Goulart by Eduardo Rezende (Sexy On The Beach - Elle Brazil October 2012) 3