Sunny Days Ahead

Like every other girl roaming the streets of Manhattan, I never leave my flat without my sunnies. Sure we all have different reasons... maybe you stayed out until 4am and had a meeting at 9am, or maybe you are dating a new guy and it's still in that awkward phase where you don't want him to see you without makeup so you sleep with it on and wake up looking 71, or maybe you have realized how amazing the lighting on the 6 train is, swear by doing your morning makeup there, and until that point (thank God) your sunglasses have literally got you covered . Whatever your reason, sunglasses are a necessity. They can turn a plain white tshirt into a fashion moment, save your life if you run into your crush after Soul Cycle, and oh yeah, protect your eyes from harmful rays. 

I teamed up with Sunglass Hut to celebrate summer and all of their new styles. They carry an amazing selection of all of my favorite designers Here are the Summer 17 trends, according to the SH experts. Which trends are you into this Summer? 

Flat Lens – (aka The New Shield) (The Miu Miu I wear in the photos)

o A flat lens is a very sleek, one-dimensional look, where the lens sits completely flat across the face, rather than curving outwards as a classic style would.

o Go bold this summer and make a fashion declaration to the world with just one great fashion accessory that pops.

Circular / Round

o Effortless, easygoing, and sexy (plus, they pair perfectly with cutoffs), round shades help you channel those boho beach vibes and 60s bombshell days.

o Sleek circular frames were all over the spring runways and they totally work IRL, too.

o Round sunglasses tend to work best with square faces,

Extreme Cat-eyes – (The mirrored Prada one's I am wearing here!)

o A cat-eye style in bold colors or prints not only adds glam to any look but it’s also flattering on just about everyone.

o The cat-eye frame is a timeless silhouette; however by mixing plastic, metals and unique lens details (i.e. mirrored), this style is ready for summer 2017!

Retro Throwback –

o These retro inspired frames offer a fresh and fun vibe, which is perfect for the weekend.

o Outstanding 70s shapes, crystal colored frames and light tinted lenses (i.e. Blue, yellow and rose tints); these shades are definitely the life of the party!

o Translucent frames allow you to wear pops of color yet creating a more understated look. This way you can maximize your clothing patterns and it blends perfectly.

o OR If you’re looking to make a statement with just your sunglasses, then it might be agood idea to opt for a minimalist type of ensemble (a graphic tee and some great skinny jeans) to really allow them to shine.

Geometric Shapes

o Picking an angular, outside-the-box silhouette (literally) like hexagonal or pentagonal frames adds a dose of quirky cool to any look.

o Standing out from the crowd has never been easier with an array of extravagant and funky shapes

bridget helene bahl
bridget helene bahl