Sparking Joy: My New Organized Closet

The city that never sleeps is also the city that never has enough space. Turns out moving into a place with more space makes even more stuff magically appear. Making the most of a small space and having a wardrobe you love sounds like a total fantasy. Luckily for me, even in a city like New York, it’s possible. Thanks to Done & Done Home I have a closet ready for Instagram and my life. Don’t worry I won’t be drinking coffee in there. 

You saw a lot in the video but I wanted to get Kate and Ann’s tips for organizing spaces. I learned so much from them. I’m no guru but I’m feeling optimistic. Not only are they the sweetest but were dead on when they said this process can be a lot like starting a new fitness routine. Only on a Monday, right?  

Getting Started

The hardest part is getting started. One of my favorite tips involved grabbing a friend and a bottle of wine. You can tackle a project at your place and next time at theirs. This is the kind of support system I’m into. They reminded me no one is going to start off going to the gym every day with perfect meals. So, give yourself a break. Start off with one project and keep up with what you’ve done.

Owning Well

Their methodology is owning well. This sounds simple until you’re sitting on the floor surrounded by stuff you forgot you had. So how do you achieve this? Follow three simple rules.

1. Be Ruthless

You need to be ruthless when it comes to what goes in and out your door. Some have the one in and one out rule. If you live in a city that’s low on space like New York, you need to screen items the way you screen Raya Profiles. Be critical!

2. Be Familiar

Know what you have. I found multiples and it added to my clutter situation. You may not need to go buy a little black dress if one has been lurking in your closet or in an unpacked suitcase from two trips ago.

3. Be Honest

Know your preferences and be honest about them. Space is valuable.

Do This Now

Kate and Ann were full of tons of great advice. I asked them what’s something everyone can start doing today. They said to grab a bag or box and set it to the side. Now you know that feeling when you keep reaching into your closet and trying that one piece on that just never seems to work? Instead of throwing it back in the closet, throw it in the bag.

Whenever a friend comes over let them go through it. For me, it always feels better to give something to a friend (maybe it’s because I know I can always borrow it back but I swear it works as you will never actually ask for it back)! Whatever is left you can drop off to a donation station, which becomes super easy once your friends also acknowledge they also, will never use it! And boom, good deed of the day is also done!

About Done & Done Home

The first thing to know is you can follow them here on Instagram. Kate and Ann are the sweetest (and most organized) mom and daughter team that started the company about 7 years ago. There’s an entire team behind them now that travels throughout the Tri-State area. An LA based team is coming soon. They were so patient with me as I waded through clothes and memories. Kate and Ann understand it’s not just stuff, it’s personal. Done & Done has so much to offer whether you want the picture-perfect space or you know just getting your life together one room at a time. You can visit their site for more info!

xoxo B