Hey guys, what’s up? Ok, so my lease ended January 31 and apparently 2016 must be the year of the psychopath as I decided I would spend a few months living out of a suitcase. I did actually attempt to find a new place, but then there was this huge snow storm and lots of wine and blah, blah, blah… but basically finding a new place didn’t happen. So, I dumped all of my shit with my wonderful friends at Manhattan Mini Storage and moved myself into The Sofitel, which is the absolute perfect place to stay during New York Fashion Week. As you may have seen on my snap chat Zorannah, Tatjana, Maja and Lisa (who shot these pics) joined me there and we got to live right in the middle of the city (44th between 5th and 6th) making our lives super easy and our credit card bill's super scary living right by Sak's, Sephora and everything else we, "need".

We were completely spoiled with ton’s of space and the second most comfy bed on planet earth (the first being my ex boyfriend’s and that is totally unnecessary to add to this blog post, but he just seems to be top of mind lately. I know, I know, you are probably thinking damn this girl really needs to get over this break-up, but it comes in waves, ya know?! And I already tried the whole 'face it head on thing’… so next up was…. run away!!!

ANYWAY, I was living at the Sofitel for 10 days thinking to myself.. “wow, this whole gypsy, living out a bag thing is incredible!!!! I have this amazing bed, ton’s of space, someone to clean after me, unlimited Lanvin shampoo and conditioner, buttery French pastries each morning, and a chocolate covered strawberry by my pillow each night". I wondered why I was spending a small fortune renting in the West Village as it was certainly…NONE of those things.

Anyway, I could really get used to that life. I felt like Eloise at the Plaza having my friends over to my room each morning (because it was big enough for all of us), to hang out and order breakfast while RPZL did our hair and Blushington did our makeup and Tajana blasted music. I am sorry, but if anything can cheer a lonely heart it is 1000% living with your best friends, in the perfect hotel, with hair, makeup, champagne, macarons and Justin Beiber’s Purpose album!

Thank you Sofitel. You are Can we come back after Paris please please? xx


P.S. How amazing is this Libertine dress? You can rent or buy it at Couture Collective Club and my jacket is Nour Hammour Paris