Skin Secret

When I was in high school I worked at a tanning salon. I would wear a little heart sticker in the exact same spot on my left hip every time I went in the bed so I could monitor my tan. When I was in high school I was insane.

In my early twenties I had already begun to see the early effects of sun damage. It was then that I became obsessed with learning about skin. It started with IPL Treatments and learning how to rid myself of the sun damage I had caused and it grew into a real love for glowing, hydrated, healthy skin. One of the less talked about tricks to beautiful skin is small pores. And the only way to shrink your pores is by keeping them clean. When your pores are clogged with dirt, they expand. When they are clean, they look smaller. And when you keep them clean for a very long time you can barely see them at all. However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make (other than working at a tanning salon) is trying to squeeze blackheads to clean your pores. Are you a trained professional? If so, I am so honored you are reading this and if not, STOP squeezing your face. Improper squeezing of blackheads can lead to inflammation, swelling, ruptured blood vessels, infection, ultimately leading to scarring. I did it, I ruptured a blood vessel, which then needed laser treatments! AKA, wasting more money to fix my self imposed mistakes and less money for the Net-a-Porter Semi Annual Sale.

For me,  the best at home blackhead treatment is none other than the good ol’ Bioré Pore Strips. They are easy, affordable and safe. They recently made these cute Limited Edition Tie-Dye ones, but the product is the same, no improvements needed. I recently had the privilege of partnering with Bioré for a day of peace, Love and pores to DYE for. Try these, girls. Unclog your pores and keep them clean and you will DYE over the results. Smaller pores and on track for dewy skin this Fall. xxB

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