say my name say my name


I don’t really think of myself as a blogger. I mean, I am only 2 sentences in. So naming my “blog” was seriously a challenge. For me it was all about the name. Call me judgmental. No, don’t actually. I will call myself judgmental. I AM JUDGMENTAL. It is seriously hard, if not impossible, to refrain from judging a book by its cover and therefore your blog name can make or break you.

Below is literally the final stage of my brainstorming process and the seal of approval from one of my coolest girlfriends. I already have all of the names below on lockdown so email me if you want them and I will give Simone a cut. DAMN GIRL

me: I need to come up w a clever name for my blog, which I am referring to as a website. I want something I say all of the time, something clever and you're one of my most clever friends... so i've been thinking about things chicks say...

Simone‬: ok ‪ me‬: like, or those type things.. I’m not really sure.. and can change the name later just need some sort of domain so it can be built ‪ Simone‬: hmmm ok this is fun, ‪ me‬: seeeeee you're good at this ‪ Simone‬: ‪ me‬: hAAAAAAAAA ‪ Simone‬: ‪ me‬: do u get this ‪ Simone‬: hahaha i love that! ‪ me‬: seee i love it too but i didnt know if it was too confusing but i dont want slow readers anyway. assuming I get readers. ha ‪ Simone‬: no i love i think people will get it ‪ me‬: i say that 5000000 times a day i like too hahahahah ‪ Simone‬: those are both good ‪ me‬: I also like: ‪ Simone‬: maybe too much about boys though? ‪ me‬: yeah. I don’t want to come off as if I have some sort of contempt for men, even though I think I do. either or ill try both thanks dude