the reformation


I CANNOT seem to go a single day without checking out what's "new" on The Reformation's site. BOOKMARK IT IMMEDIATELY. It has been my go to for every vacay and wedding this summer. It's the brand we have all been waiting for. Show stopping dresses, rompers, tops and bottoms at a decent price and the very best part...LIMITED RUNS. As in they only made 21 units of this dress and since I have one there are only 20 (max) still available. Oh, how I love feeling special. I knew I could not live without the Flora Dress the second I saw it. It takes me back to Brigitte Bardot circa 1960. I am calling the color Absinthe Blue (Absinthe always makes me think of the movie Alfie, SIENNA freaking KILLED it)... see below.


And while we are on iconic movie throw backs... doesn't this dress remind you of the one Sarah Michelle Gellar's floral frock in Cruel Intentions. As SMG would say... Happy Hunting.