quick fix


Whoever said there is no such thing as a quick fix was like... super negative. I mean welcome to 2013... there is a quick fix for almost everything. My hands down favorite, favorite makeup "fix" comes from the amazing people at Mac, who at some point must have had an issue with putting on too much makeup. Enter... Mac Fix +. Yes, the product is known for "setting our makeup", but it is really so much more than just that. I use it 3 ways:

  1.  When I apply my makeup with a beauty blender, I always wet it with the Mac Fix + first, which allows for a thinner, more natural application. Perfect if you will be in natural lighting, during the day. Also known as brunch!
  2.  When finished applying, I use Mac Fix + to "set" my makeup, which means I apply a layer to my entire face in order to keep my makeup in place by sinking it into the skin. It also works as a saving grace when you finish your makeup, stumble into some natural lighting and realize, "OMG, I am such a freak, what the hell was I thinking, I have on too much makeup!". Just spray your entire face, wait 3 minutes and you should be good to go.
  3. When my makeup needs a boost. This is my absolute favorite use and why I could not live without this stuff. Ok so, say a few hours have gone by and you are looking less hot than when you left the house. Spray your entire face with the Mini travel size fix. You need to use a good amount, as I have noticed a gentle spray doesn't do much. I recommend going to the bathroom, spraying your face (4-5 good sprays) and waiting a few minutes before facing the public. If applied correctly, you will look like you just hopped out of the swimming pool, not dripping, but definetly wet. So do it in private, give yourself a few minutes, and when it dries... your makeup will look AMAZINGLY fresh. Trust me on this one.

I seriously don't know what I did before this stuff. Scary. PLEASE leave your questions/comments below. kisses xb.