Party Bound

Last year I spent my New Years Eve, figuring out where to spend my New Year’s Eve. Say what you will about me… and ok, yeah… l hit snooze 14 times each morning, always overpack, and say “I ate too much after every single meal”, BUT after years of celebrity dressing at Yves Saint Laurent, one thing you cannot say is that I have trouble picking out an outfit. Check out my picks for New Years Eve 2014, which also includes an under $100 section. P.S. Another thing I love to do on NYE is book an appointment at MAC (call your Nordstorms or Bloomingdales), it will cost you $50 IN PRODUCT, but doing this takes at least 35% of the pressure off of the night. Go with a gf, make a thing out of it and don’t skip on the faux lashes. Cheers to 2015, it’s looking good already! Xxb