looking hot in the heat


I have decided not to torture you with yet another style diary of Coachella outfits. I think we have read enough about #ootd for now (insert Emoji peace sign here)! Instead, lets talk about beauty and how to keep yourself cute in the middle of the 95 degree desert... and for the rest of Festival Season, Wedding Season, and every other event you will attend sans air conditioning. - Hair - Ok my hair is thin and therefore, I rely on dry shampoo the way most humans rely on water. Maybe you are some freak of nature who doesn't need dry shampoo (urg so jealous of you), but when it's super hot - dry shampoo becomes a universal necessity. It works to absorb the moisture on your hair-line and will keep your hair in place (a.k.a. pretty). I can't get over Alterna Dry Shampoo, it has all the benefits of any volumizing dry shampoo, but it's colorless and my current favorite... by far!

- Face - ok here is the deal. You still need to moisturize and use your sunscreen, but you want to apply your tinted moisturizer (or a light foundation) right after, while your skin is still dewy. It's all about achieving a thin, even layer.

At Coachella I used:

1) CAUDALIE Vinoperfect Day Cream SPF15 & CAUDALIE Pemier Cru the Eye Cream - I am super in love with this eye cream, has anyone else tried it?

2) L'Oréal Silky Sheer Face Lotion SPF 30 - it's $10

3) Laura Mercier Primer - a thin layer, applied with your fingers, is all you need

4) Now here's the trick: I took my BEAUTY BLENDER PRO and sprayed it with Mac Fix+ (more on this guy in step #7) just a few sprays to dampen the sponge and then used it to apply Nars tinted moisturizer to my entire face. Followed by LAURA MERCIER OIL FREE SUPRÊME FOUNDATION to my T-zone, because my forehead was looking super shiny without a little extra coverage. You will notice when you use the Beauty Blender you can really press the makeup into the skin, opposed to sweeping it all over. Again, you want to create a thin, even layer.

5) Go super light with your concealer - it's the first thing to clump!

6) I went with my usual Too Faced Bronzer and yes, this is the first time I am mentioning a powder. Apparently, there is some urban legend from like 2009, that you should wear POWDER ONLY in the summer (a.k.a. none of the liquid products I mentioned in step #4), but, uhm... how do I put this nicely...? If you wear layers of powder all over your face, you are going to look 100 years old. Glowing, dewy skin is a fresher look.

7) Finally, spray a thin layer of MAC FIX+ to set the look. I am religious about this stuff, especially in the summer. I will literally hide my keys in a bush to make room for it in my purse. You have to get creative when it comes to priorities and you must keep it on you AT ALL TIMES. As soon as your makeup gets weird, give your face a good spray, usually about 4 solid sprays and boom, back to pretty!

8) WATERPROOF MASCARA - Obviously. And lots of it. I don't like dealing with eyeshadow, pencils, or anything that melts easily in these types of situations. I think its best to do a liquid eyeliner, lots of mascara and then a playful lip.

9) Popsicle lip - get the, "I just ate a popsicle" look by tapping on a bright, deeply pigmented lipstick OR BALM with your finger, blot, then repeat until you reach your desired look.

Miscellaneous -Take a bunch of Instagram photos early on and rely heavily on the Valencia and/or X-Pro filter.

Lastly, get over yourself! You did what you could and at some point you need to get over what you look like and live in the moment. The girls having fun always look the hottest anyway.


And just in case: Dress (I cut it), Boots and Hat... designed by me (lots more to come about this)! xxb