Lingerie all day

Hi loves. I miss you. I am sorry that I have been terrible at writing my blog. I really want to, I do. But I fear it would be all about dating and I would end up sounding exactly like Carrie Bradshaw and honestly, I have no interest in being single as long as she was. So, I am holding the cards close to my chest. But, I will say this: I do have a, "Mr. Big" and I am striking out just as hard as SJP. Hahaha. So please keep me in your thoughts (and prayers).

ANYWAY, back to lighter subjects and trends, one that I love so much that I had to blog about it! You may have noticed I am super into the, "lingerie as clothes" look. I mean, I have been wearing my teddy's out in public for quite some time now. And I suppose one could argue that it is a bit chilly to be prancing around in my negligee and I won't fight you there. In the case you do prefer to be a bit more covered you can add a sweet little baby tee under your teddy or a black corset over a button-up underneath is also a nice option to create the same feeling.

bridget Bahl
bridget Bahl

For the look pictured I went with mom jeans, but really I think any jean style other than a skinny jean works (for the obvious reason that we are classy ladies and can leave some room for the imagination). 

bridget Bahl

It's just an easy way to create an interesting look with pieces you will wear over and over again. My entire look is from Marks and Spencer London. I love, love their site for basics and lingerie. Especially the Rosie Huntington Collection, she really kills it for them. Check out my outfit links here: Teddy, jeans. Also, another cute pairing of the same ideas: blousebra. You will find countless variations on their site.

bridget bahl

P.S. Thank you to Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links for the inspo to post. xxb