labor of love

bridget helene bahl

As far as I am concerned, Labor Day is the day before all hell breaks loose. I mean think about it... Fashion Week, back to school, the end of summer Friday's,...Fashion Week. Not to mention every thing you put off doing in August, because all of your contacts were on vacation, or just pretending to be. It's all about to come together, everyone's to do list in full force, all at the same exact time. I Googled, "Day after Labor Day craziness" and was shocked to realize the only thing that comes up are forums about "Being crazy if you wear white after Labor Day"? Honey, is that all you have going on?...


Because this is a "fashion blog", I will answer that question. Yes, you CAN and SHOULD rock white 365 days a year. I love white. Now that we have that out of the way... lets enjoy our long weekend, the calm before the storm. A day in the sunshine, with a glass of rosé and no use for your smart phone, except for maybe shopping all of the sales!!!


My dress is Reformation... here is something similar (I told you they make limited #'s, you have to buy them quick) or do the long (go for it). Straps adjust, so it will actually fit. Shoes are Balenciaga. Check out the extras below. xb