I see you 2017

Hi guys. I recently went to get an eye exam with LensCrafters.The thing is, I can’t see far away to save my life and then up close my eyes seem to operate like a microscope. This has always proved to be a huge problem and I can't go anywhere without my glasses. Once when a hot guy was approaching me, I actually thought it was someone coming after my hand bag. But he was just trying to tell me my charger cord was sticking out of my purse (aka ask me to dinner). Either way, it does not make for the most welcoming first exchange!

Anyway, I went to LensCrafters for a Clarifye eye exam and they told me I "needed bi-focals". Am I 90 years old? As they calmed me down they insured me life would continue and I could get progressives (the cooler version of bifocals) and that they could be MiuMiu, Prada, etc. Uhm, these are some of my very favorite words. I never knew LensCrafters had such a greatselection! I loved so many pairs and spent way too many hours trying on each one.

I finally selected a Miu Miu Frame (how cute are they!?). I got to wear them to a beautiful brunch where LensCrafters served "eye healthy food" and taught us how important it is to get regular eye exams. It's super, super important as many eye diseases have absolutely no symptoms in the early stages.

Anyway, my new Miu Miu frame has Swarvoski Crystals on the sides, which normally is not my thing, but I think with the classic tortoise frame it works. And I actually look festive for the holidays, but still chic. Thank you LensCrafters for the gift of being able to see hot men from afar and looking cute while doing so. I love you and 2017 I see you. xxB