in mint condition

mint eyeshadow

"How the hell do I wear mint shadow?" Multiple designers sent mint green eyes down the runway and of course it was easy for the models at Miu Miu, Derek Lam, Erdem etc. to look perfect, but how does one really wear this look?

If you have green eyes, you are about to start stalking my site... this look is so FRESH.

I tested this look on my BFF


 and her eyes were legit glowing across the room (well, across the pool…you get it), but here is the catch… in order for this to work, you need to focus on the rest of your face looking under-done, yet immaculate. Your skin needs to be hydrated, flawless and even a bit matte. I never really promote looking matte, but with her eyes look this dewy, too much highlighter seemed a bit greasy… and we are going for clean.


Ok so, after your normal skin care routine (wash, tone, moisturize, SPF)....

  • (Due to a few cocktails the night before Lori's skin was a little dry so) I started by spraying h2o Oasis Mist on her face
  • If you are wearing this look out during the day or at night you should start with a primer... my personal fave is Whip Hand (more on this bad-boy later). We skipped this step because we were literally going swimming, but personally I am obsessed with using primer when trying to create perfect looking skin.
  • Next, a thin layer of Urban Decay BB Cream
  • Followed by Nars Multiple in South Beach (slide this directly on your cheeks and blend a bit with your finger tip).
  • Now that your skin is looking pretty damn perfect, add Drew Barrymore's Flower Creme Eyeshadow in "Vine of the time" it's sold at Walmart and pretty legit. If you live in NYC (sans a Walmart) I like Make Up Forever Aqua Creme in #53
  • Next, Urban Decay's Super Curling Mascara (we did two coats and let the 1st coat dry before applying the second)
  • and finally, Cargo Lip Gloss in Sunset Boulevard

Lor sported the look out later that night paired with this adorable Embroidered white top and these too cute chambray shorts... talk about mint condition!

P.S. photos of Lori, by the amazing Abby Warhola.