I, Like, Love it.


I'm so excited to start a new section on my site called, "I, Like, Love it". The new category will give serious insight on my fav products, places and things that I, like, LOVE! The first product is one that I have been using for exactly 3 days and has seriously blown my mind. It is seriously the best thing the drugstore has ever done for me and I could not wait to share it. I learned about the product from some of my favorite Skinovaters at Dangene (a super lux institute devoted entirely to skin). If they are buying their daily lotion at the drugstore, you are crazy to be spending more elsewhere.

Ok so, it's that time of year... it's getting colder, we are wearing sweaters, watching football (or pretending to), drinking mulled wine and drying out like prunes. Usually this time of year our skin tends to get a little flaky, some of us even get a little kp (keratosis pilaris: those little bumps on the back of your arms or legs). It is just not the cutest time for our skin. Enter Amlactin. Like I said, it has been three days for me and my skin feels incredible. Amlactin which contains 12% lactic acid, exfoliates your skin while encouraging new cell renewal. My skin feels soft and the texture is already looking better.

A couple things: If you put it on with open skin, say you shaved your legs or exfoliated... you will feel it tingle. I personally love this "annoying" feeling... the masochist inside of me relates that feeling to working! I also imagine that using it with any sort of spray tan or self tanner would be a nightmare given the fact that you are using alpha-hydroxy to speed up your skin's turnover. It costs around $18 - $22, which is a bit more than other drugstore staple lotions, but none of those have ever done ANYTHING noteworthy for me. I guess you get what you pay for!