"i don't care"

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My guy friends are always mentioning how annoying it is that "no girl can ever pick a place to meet". Supposedly they are always asking and the unanimous response is, "I don't care". I am not sure if you girls are doing this to act laid back or chill but lets face it, never having an opinion is a turn off. I'm not suggesting you act like a b*tch, I am simply telling you to answer the question that he asked. Having an opinion is confident and confidence is sexy.  So I get that "you don't care" but I do, so I did the work for you. Next time you are asked, "where should we meet" name one of the below spots. I made sure that each place is possible to get into, has great/dim lighting for you to look your best and has a cool vibe. You're Welcome.

  1. Randolph Beer - you can meet here for food or drinks. The best part is you get the bar feel so your dude won't think you're pretentious, but you also won't be forced to eat mozzarella sticks and feel awful all night. The kale quinoa salad is my go to. It's served warm and is bar-food-guilt free. ps- this is not to be confused with "The Randolph" which is next door and a bit more "rock and roll".
  2. Jack's wife Freda - If you look at the menu you may say, ok they have no food, but I swear it's fine. I go all of the time and have rosé, a Greek Salad and share a few of the "shares". The lighting is super dim, it's super small (aka intimate) and it's one of those spots where you can literally hear every detail of the Man Repeller's day because she is sitting right next to you/ on your lap but hey.... isn't sharing space what New York is all about?!
  3. Ditch Planes - my favorite bloody mary in NYC. Maybe you should go for dinner, lets say 830pm and order one. Your date will think "wtf did this chick do last night". Mystery is so important in new relationships.
  4. Rosemary's - sorry they don't take reservations and it is always packed, but you will appear like a social butterfly who isn't afraid to eat Italian. Kingswood is also next door, so if the wait is super long, you have totally presented yourself with the opportunity to look easy-going and drama free... AND I WAS LIKE, "Lets just go next door, that will be super fun, right?" ;)
  5. Super Linda - we all know that wine will get you drunk and tequila will get you pregnant, but come on, does anything make you feel sexier than a margarita (notice that margarita is singular)? Anyway, I love the food, drinks and vibe at Super Linda. It's dark, you can actually hear the music and again, tequila guarantees to make any date more fun. I like a lot of the food here so take your pick, but be careful if you bring a dude from California. Cali guys are huge food snobs when it comes to Tex-Mex.
  6. Joseph Leonard - another that doesn't take ressies and only has 7 or 8 tables, but you can sit at the bar and have $1.50 oysters. Don't worry I am not going to make some lame joke about having oysters on your date. Lame. Anyway, I love going on a weekend, during the afternoon and having a bloody and some snacks. My girlfriend Caitlin would describe this as, "Terrence time". It is also a sweet little spot in the evening, the later it gets, the more intimate it feels.
  7. (Here are your options if you insist on uptown... I had to ask one of my coolest uptown girls Caitlin Kelly) Ugh so ok -  I wish Bilbouquet was still open. Bilbo closed- Le Charlot is the old "new place". It's French and you can linger around for hours.  Sit outside in the summer with rosé and if your date sucks…there are tables full of other hot Europeans for you to meet. Sexy lighting, a little more mature, but hey…you’re uptown!
  8. randolph;beer;nycRandolph;beer;nycrandolph;beer;nyc;caryle;jacks;wife;freida;super;lindaphoto cred: Lucas Noonan Photography
  9.  The Carlyle is an iconic NYC spot. It can get expensive so only go for drinks or you will look like a diva. I mean we are talking "uptown" so you aren't going to find anything too casual, that doesn't suck, so if you are uptown...go big or go downtown. fur vest and sweater dress: ysl, thigh highs: free people, booties: yslblouse: thakoon, sweater dress and booties: ysl, thigh highs: free peoplexbb