My struggle is so real when it comes to my hair and extreme humidity. I have tried everything on God's green earth to fight the demonic forces of frizz. On my past trip to Mexico I decided to break new ground, it was time to turn over a new leaf and instead of fighting against my hair's natural texture (think: baby soft, super fine, Eastern European, Lily Rose Depp esqe locks). I decided to embrace it. 

So, I asked every stylist I know and they all had the same response: PRODUCTS! I relied heavily on the Mess-merizing line from Got 2B. These products are perfect for beach hair. Everything I use in the city makes my hair a touch stiff, which is fine for normal weather conditions, but time and time again it was a scary disaster using those products at the beach. On Instagram I do a lot of photos from behind to create that dreamy, Tumblr, "goals", "from where I stand" vibe. And one of the secrets to those photos is swaying side to side to create movement in the hair and an "in the moment/ hair blowing in the breeze" postcard feeling. Which can be quite challenging when your hair is one huge brick of hairspray.

The Got2B products however, create a disheveled, tousled look, because the products that are easy to manipulate. Like, even in a rainforest your hair would still sway with these babies. ha.

So here is the deal: I use this spray on clean, damp hair and let it air dry. Next, I use a curling iron (using my hand to wrap the hair around the barrel and hold it while it sets. I wrap every piece of hair around the barrel in the opposite direction so, one piece under the barrel, the next piece from over the barrel. Once my entire head is finished I run my fingers through the waves to loosen them a bit). After this, I use the Mess-merizing Hairspray, which isn't sticky and won't leave your hair feeling crunchy. Because my hair also needed cut I added a bit of the Putty to the dead ends. I didn't want to spend a ton, because I had no clue if this, "go with the flow" idea would even work, but Got2B gave me these products to test so I figured I would give it a go. If you want to try them out you can buy them on Ulta (for around $7) and you can even return them if you don't like them, but I am sure you will! Let the goals photos begin girls. xoB

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