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Victoria Beckham and I have a lot in common. We are both petite brunettes, who understand the importance of a Birkin Bag, David Beckham, amazing glutes and short ass shorts. Some days, when I am feeling far from motivated, I think about Victoria and her hamstrings (and the fact that she already has 4 kids) and once the guilt has set in I throw on my shortest lulu's and haul it to equinox. I mean, anyone can look amazing in the 3/4 leg lycra lulu's that lift your sattle bags and conceal every single ounce of cellulite, but if we are going to take a stroll down honest avenue, I can promise you that you will work harder wearing the shorts that show all the flaws.

ANYWAY, after Vicki Beckham had baby Harper, she was running 4-5 miles, 6 days a week. Supposedly, she was doing it in the morning on an empty stomach and would do the "five hands diet" for the rest of the day. The 5 hands diet is when one eats 5 handfuls of food throughout the day. The palm sized potions include high protein foods such as lean meats, fish, egg whites, nuts, etc. Personally, I have never tried the 5 hands diet, but I have tried the whole running in the morning, starving thing, and that's legit. So legit that I am actually going to write another post on it.... (read: important).

Victoria also worked out with celeb trainer Tracey Anderson. I am going to take the Victoria Beckham pics in the gallery below to my trainer and have him hook us up with some new moves so that all of our stems can be sexy this summer. You can throw the pics on your phone as inspo pics for the gym. I use these for when I feel "done" and wish I could push myself to sprint for one more song. kiss


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