Givenchy does Tennessee


Drink of choice: At a bar in Nashville I asked, "What kind of wine do you have?" to which I was told, "red or white"....... "or sweet tea". Fine, "sweet tea it is". Sure, the words "sweet tea" basically translate to the word cellulite, but I immediately thought back to the time that I ordered a burger in a Mexican restaurant and since that day I have tried to make better choices based on my environment. Just trust me. Anyway, sweet tea is awesome in the same way Jungle Juice was awesome in College... need I say more?

Moving on, my favorite bar in Nashville is Losers. Yes, you have the obligatory stops at Tootsies and The Honky Tonk, which are both super fun and offer live music... Oh, and I am also pretty into this new-old school bowling Alley called Pinewood Social, but other than that I stick to Losers. Losers is located next door to Winners and although I have never actually been to Winners (because I picture all of the people there to be the Nashville version of the crazy women in the Hampton's who come direct from Soul Cycle to the Golden Pair and will totally elbow you to get to the front of the raw sugar/ Splenda station, just so they can hurry home to... relax?) I think I will pass.

Oh, and before I forget.... everyone in Nashville will be talking about this new place "Acme". I'll save you some time. Yes, Acme is aesthetically pleasing, but that's where the pros end. Most of the people there, including the employees, actually especially the employees, are throwing around some major attitude and if we refer back to our latest "When in Rome" Commandment...  I'm gonna stick with "No burgers at Mexican restaurants" and "No wanna-be hipster bars in Nashville"! Love you Losers. Xxb