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If you Google "Single during the Holidays" you will find countless lists that proclaim being single during the most wonderful time of the year is "in fact... amazing". What?!?! One list began with some nonsense about not having to shave your legs (and please excuse the Elle Woods moment) but isn't it a well known fact that the incentive of being an Editor is the perk of free beauty treatments?! I have a hard time taking advice from any fashion/beauty editor who is still shaving her legs, when all of my girlfriends finished their laser hair removal sessions back in 2015. I mean, it just sounds ridiculous... it’s right up there with a list of reasons why it's ideal to be single during the Holidays!

Let's be honest!!!!!! The upside of being single during "Engagement Season" is that I will be single during the biggest shopping day of the year!! Allowing myself and single girls everywhere to invest in feeling like our best selves! It’s also the perfect time to reflect on the woman you want to be and the values that you hold dear. So rather than channelling my inner Bridget Jones, I will instead be confidently embracing what I believe to be my very last season of single.

This year I have partnered with Express for my holiday season shopping needs. I am in LOVE with their current offering and have selected my favorite pieces to get you through all things Holiday 2017 (single or taken!). Think a-symetrical, black, velvet, ruffles, Kira Kira (the App that makes everything sparkle), Yves Saint Laurent, chic yet fresh, 80s, 90s, but also 2018. And you won't believe it, but it's all 50% off!  From insanely sophisticated and romantic to flirty and sweet. I had the easiest time selecting all of my looks from Express and I am so excited to share them with you. I feel so confident about this collaboration because everything is insanely well made for the price point. And while I fully plan to be taken next holiday season, for now I am going to love myself and my outfits and enjoy the shopping spree while it lasts!

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