Expressing Spring

I've recently partnered with Express to start building my "wear to work" Spring Wardrobe but instead of my usual go-to bright whites, bold colors and barely there silhouettes I have taken a step in a new direction and am leaning towards menswear-inspired tailoring, stripes of all sizes and a muted spring color palette. Clearly, I have been laying in bed all Winter watching Breakfast at Tiffany's opting for Aubrey-esque cap sleeves like these sweet little ruffle tee's which are adorable and so super flattering not to mention snug around the waist which we all need after those horrid months of hibernation. The tailored pants also feel very fresh and they have them in loads of colors think: muted lilac, off white and rosè. And I actually cannot believe I've made it so many sentences speaking about Spring and I am only mentioning ROSÈ now. I am really growing up over here!!

P.S. $25 off purchase of $100+ in-store only, using the ring code: 3399  T&C information

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bridget Bahl nyc
bridget bahl New York city