cold shoulder

This girl is ready to wear less! Ok, well not physically ready, but mentally. I. AM. READY. Of course, getting to the mental state of actually wanting green juice and feeling excited for Barry's Bootcamp did not come easily. It took months of traveling, hundreds of bottles of wine, and thousands of excuses to truly hit rock bottom and get to this place. 

So it's time to get serious about our bodies and wearing shorts and ekkk... a bikini! I've put together a list of things for us to seriously consider:

1. Togetherness. We need to do this together and if you can't stand me... you need to find a friend. Someone that will hold you accountable for showing up to workouts and drinking your green juice first thing in the am (see #2).

2. Top of the morning. Your will-power is the strongest in the morning, so take advantage of it. I have been forcing down a green juice (you can get them anywhere, Whole foods, Blue Print, etc.) first thing in the morning (yes, before coffee even) and although I never actually believed it would work... it has been. Every single day that I starts with green juice, ends up being a day I make a great choice for lunch. Oh, and you for sure can eat something after the juice as well. In fact, I suggest you do. I always try do the upside pyramid routine... eating my biggest meals earlier in the day and trailing off at night.

3. Schedule. Sign up for shit OR, at least, add your work outs to your calendar and send that calendar to your friend (from #1). If your work out isn't written down it really does not exist and that fat little bitch who lives inside your brain will talk you out of going.

4. Inspiration. Never underestimate the power of the photo that serves as the wall paper on your phone. Years ago, when my dream was to work at Vogue, I put a Vogue cover up as my wall paper. Do you know how many times a day you see that image? #Countless. Call me cheesy, but I ended up working at Vogue. I also use the Victoria Secret Fashion Show as a source of inspiration... now I am really letting you in on the cheesy stuff but seriously. Sometimes I am running on the treadmill and can't find a great song, don't feel motivated, blah blah blah. So, I go to You Tube and find a full length Victoria Secret Fashion Show and play that... funny, how all of the sudden I can run an extra two miles. I started adding this little trick on at the end of every run. Just try it.

5. Clean Start. I am obsessed. Obviously, it's important that we start putting good things into our bodies, but we also need to get the bad "shit" out (pun intended... haha I crack myself up, sorry!). I drink it twice a day (for two weeks). I think it's the perfect way to kick start any diet and/or work out plan. The 10 grams of fiber it adds to your diet promotes waste removal and you get the additional cleansing benefits of bentonite, aloe vera and chlorophyll. 

What are you working on for your bodies Spring Cleaning? Please fill me in! Outfit details and shop the look below. xxB


Photos by Allie Beckwith // Hermes Kelly Bag available at Bella Bag