Bugging out

Hi guys, I am so sorry for the delay I have been so sick and staring at this post for days. Okay, so, a couple things...

1) Doesn't my hair look different (ahem, healthy) here? My friend Adi at Prive Salon did this amazing white diamond treatment that saved me from having to chop all of my dead hair off. I suffer from what my best friend would call, French Fries (aka split ends). Adi put some intense mask on me and then took what appeared to be a flat iron, but was actually cold, and infused the mask into my hair. I highly recommend this over the bob you are considering.

2). Berets are my only hope for looking somewhat stylish on my daily walks to the bodega for saltines and OJ. The recipe is simple throw on your most Olsen esque sweaters, chill flannel, skinny jeans, and add one of my berets and voila. 

3) Which brings me to my final point which is that being sick when you're single is the worst.  Toast just tastes a million times better when someone else makes it. And when that person starts to judge you on slice 6... that's also helpful. Love you! B


Photos by: Lisa Richov // Hat by me! And I was like X Hat Attack