Since my last post I have moved out of New York City, and in with my mom, lost 12 lbs, gained 10 lbs, endured the worst break up of my entire life, attended a game changing spiritual retreat, healed my past, forgave my father, released myself from a lifetime of pain and resentment, found my faith, discovered my calling, began to like myself, and still managed to get some shopping in. Apologies for the delay ;)

Needless to say, I have A LOT to fill you in on. I am told that this "time" of my life, which I have been referring to as "rock bottom" ha,  is not only necessary for personal growth, but also a HUGE blessing. Hmmm...

All of my things are in a storage unit that I haven't felt ready to face. Although the itch for my Jimmy Choo's does grow stronger each day. In the meantime, I tried out Topshop's Personal Shopping service, which certainly made me feel like a princess for the day! I got this look, along with a few others that I will share next week. I mixed in a few quotes as it felt inauthentic to portray myself as perfectly fine in the midst of survival mode. It also felt a bit dramatic to shoot photos of myself crying in my sweatpants, so I spared you there... for now. I missed you. Enjoy the beautiful weekend. Love, B

alice in wonderland quotes
bridget helene bahl
what defines us is how we rise after we fall
bridget helene bahl
transition quote

Photos by: Alexandra Wolf