because we all NEED another striped shirt

bridget helene bahl and i was like

Ok, you have 7 striped shirts. You don't NEED another, so why are you even reading this? And why are we STILL obsessed with stripes? Stripes are awesome because they are ALWAYS in. They are classic yet fresh, preppy yet hipster, and they are plain but also a print. They have proven their ability to withstand the tests of time (or in fashion terms, more than three seasons).

Ok fine, I just bought this striped shirt, it wasn't already in my closet but whatever... it could have been. I actually think I had the exact same thing in brown and grey and let a friend borrow it. Anyway, the point is, it's just as cool now as it was a year ago and I promise that at this time next year, I will still be into it. Check out the gallery below for my striped shirt and others we NEED.


Now that I did my good deed for the day and showed you how to wear something that's already in your closet, I would like to discuss a fun Fall 2013 beauty trend. I'm not sure why. I mean, probably 10% of the people who read this site can actually successfully apply liquid liner and about 4% of those people would actually be daring enough to try the cobalt blue, but here goes nothing...

If we are talking present day trends (Fall 2013) we know graphic liner is everywhere. We saw it at Lanvin, Alturzarra and I love the way in was shown paired with dewy, dewy skin at Honor Fall 2013. The look was created by Arcona and Stila and the products are FINALLY available! Your skin will look super moisturized and dewy after you apply Arcona Magic White Ice, followed by Arcona Desert Mist (this will act as your primer once it dries). Next, depending on the kind of coverage you need, apply either Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer (light coverage) or Stila All Day Foundation and Concealer (more coverage and also more matte).

To create the graphic look of the eye, draw the Stila (Stay All Day Eyeliner in colbalt) along the lash line and once you reach the end, draw the line straight out (not upwards like we do to create the cat eye).

Leave your lashes bare and brush your brows up (with a setting gel if you please).


There you have it... something old (dewy skin), something new (my new Wang striped tee), something borrowed (my old Wang striped tee), something blue (your new Honor eyes, by Stila).

Photos by my favorite Abby Warhola. kiss xb