and we're back.

January is all about self improvement. Fresh Direct is sold out of the Blue Print Cleanse, I'm wait-listed at Barry's every single night, and my facialist hasn't even responded to me in two days. It's reminiscent of church on Christmas Eve when I was a little girl. I remember thinking... "who are these people and why can't they go to their own church on Xmas Eve" and hating them (yes, hating and yes, in church) because I even though I went every single week, I was forced to stand in my 1.5 inch "heels". So yes, while January is filled with self improvement it is also a great month to practice self restraint and patience. Next time someone tells me they are sore, I am going to dig so deep to replace my eye roll with a smile. Love you guys. Outfit details below. xxb

Jacket by Nour Hammour // Sweater by Augden // Photos by Jeff Thibodeauco