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Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. HELLO. I have spent years looking for the perfect tinted moisturizer. Laura Mercier, Jouer, even Dior (Hydra Life) all have a great product, which at one point or another I swore by, but I have found my prince. For me, it's all about the texture and the Nar's tinted moisturizer offers the perfect balance of dewy and creamy. It's not too thick, not too thin. Goes on beautifully and a little goes a long way. You instantly feel that your skin surface is smoothed, hydrated and even a bit illuminated. I knew Nars PRTM was "the one" when I was sitting outside around 1pm and was asked multiple times what I had on my skin. Do you even understand the significance here? I was outside, which is basically a tell-all about your skin and had already been wearing it for at least 4 hours. I checked myself out in the mirror and damn, it did look good.

So, here is the thing with perfecting your complexion.... I am obsessive compulsive (and you kinda gotta be) about doing my makeup in natural lighting. I'd rather be sentenced to a year of wearing only flats, over a year of applying anything (with color) to my skin in artificial lighting. A good rule of thumb, for life, is that  "THE REAL SHTT IS THE BEST" whether this be fur, croc, lighting, lips, tits, whatever... always opt for real.  For my NYC girls, the only other option is the lighting on the subway (the 6 train in particular), it's weirdly amazing for applying your face. The "6 train theory" was originally proven by none other than, "Jenny from the block" and honestly very few people can glow like this girl... although the Nars will help.


You can buy the Nars HERE. Trust me when I say that it is 42 bucks well spent. Especially, if your skin is a bit dry, like mine and almost everyone else's in the summer. Speaking of summer, this bad boy, which is oil free, also includes a 30 SPF (but come on, we all know that this is just a bonus and it goes over your regular SPF). Over time (approx 4 weeks) your skin will feel softer and smoother.

It does oxidize and dry a tad darker, so if possible go to Nars or a Sephora Store and have someone help you. The Nars Store in NYC has a ton of natural lighting, but if you are at Sephora, try to walk outside and take a peak in your compact because the lighting in that store can be a little whack. I look much prettier than I am in Sephora, which is probably why I end up buying everything.... anyway getting the color right with this is time well spent as I swear you will be rocking it, all day - everyday.


84% felt their skin was more radiant and luminous

81% felt the product smoothed out the surface of their skin

81% felt the product gave them immediate hydration


"For an extra glow blend a pea-size amount with equal amount of Copacabana Illuminator and smooth over entire face."--Raquel Grijalva, National Makeup Stylist