happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time.... and the commandments


Seems to me that our 20’s and 30’s are years that bombard us with questions. Have you read the book “20 Something, 20 everything”? You don't have to get much further than page 2 before the author really sums it all up... "your 20s are this strange period in your life when nothing is really wrong but nothing really feels right” UHM. HELLO. YES. I read that AND I WAS LIKE that’s it…. I am young, hip, living in New York City, having fun, getting in everywhere, meeting everyone and wearing designer shoes so... what the hell is wrong with me… why do I feel so damn off? I decided right then to lay down some ground rules. I called them commandments. These were my life guidelines… no ifs, ands or buts. I had no clue who I was, or what I was doing, or why I felt so lost. So I figured putting some guidelines into play could help me learn more about myself, or at least save me from an STD or panic attack or something. My list grew and grew throughout my 20’s… I posted a few below. My friends started doing them as well (see Simone’s below). Send me your commandments I will post the major ones. And to all my 20 something’s… remember that if all else fails you can always get a mani, take a bath and start over tomorrow. COMMANDMENTS...

Thou shall not put any purse that has ever been carried at a nightclub on their bed

Thou shall not accept anything more than dinner and cocktails from a man they do not love, there is no such thing as free lunch.

Thou shall never utter the words, "Mercury is in retrograde".

Thou shall not check their significant other’s phone or email; you will never find anything good.

Thou shall not wear heels to sporting events or the airport, it reeks of desperation.

Thou shall not allow a disagreement with a true friend last more than three days. It is hard enough to find anyone worth arguing with in this city.

Thou shall not attend any sample sales until you have $3k aside in an account, which is exactly enough cash to move into another apartment pay security, first month’s rent and the man with a van.

Thou shall always make the bed.

Thou shall refrain from looking at their phone through out their date. Present and content!

Thou shall always remember and be proud of where they came from.

Thou shall spend 10 minutes each day thinking of all the things that they are grateful for. Gratitude is the way to attract positive things into your life.

Simone's 12 Commandments

Though shall not run for a subway train while wearing high heels. In fact, thou shall not commute in heels period.

Thou shall not stand in line for a club. Either know someone or take your fabulous a$$ to a dive bar.

Thou shall always remove your makeup before bed.

Thou shall never underestimate the value of a hand written thank you note.

Thou shall never return a call or accept a date from a man after 9pm.

Thou shall never waste time with a man who doesn't love you for exactly who you are, right now, flaws and all.

Thou shall not ask for a photo with a celebrity, ever. Stealth instagram pics are another story.

Thou shall never eat sushi from a Bodega.

Thou shall not tweet, facebook or instagram your meal.

Thou shall not burn bridges in the work place. No matter which industry you work in, chances are it’s a small world.

Thou shall always triple check your resume for typos.

Thou shall always make time for your girlfriends, no matter how great your boyfriend is.